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Welcome-Lori Carter

Meeting minutes from last month were reviewed and discussed

Motion to approve the minutes from December – Gunther First, Tyson Second

All approved, none denied.

Safe Walking Plan-J. Nalwalker Nalwalker

  1. Nalwalker reviewed the proposed changes for the 2021 safe walking plan, from the PTA.
  2. Nalwalker shared the crosswalk markers that are on the canyon view crosswalk. J. Nalwalker said he would send that to the district for review.
  3. York noted that the crosswalk marker white triangles are a good way to keep cars away from the crosswalk and agrees with J. Nalwalker. The group discussed ease of implementation as it is just paint, there is no infrastructure. The only issue is the paint can’t freeze, so the submittal and approval needs to be in warmer weather.

For Daycare Pickup, the daycare vans will from be asked to walk people to the Van.  The group discussed in order to clear the pick up and drop ff lanes of waiting traffic that the Daycare vans no longer be allowed in the pick up lanes.  The group recommended that in the morning, for drop off, they should also park in the same spots.   The vans would have designated parking spaces in the south west end of the parking lot.

The group requested that since the van’s will be parking in the parking lot, also request to them that they no not idle.  The group noted that vans,  in the summer months, may need to be kept a certain temperature, but otherwise would like to request them not to idle.

  1. Carter, A. York and J. Anderson will sign the safe walking plan..


Land Trust Final Report 19-20-J. Nalwalker

The group reviewed the summary of the land trust monies from 2020 as presented in the summary documentation. In addition to substitutes, the substitute money was also used for the teachers to shadow other teachers to learn how others teach.  The monies were also used to support kindergarten math and intervention assistants. The balance was $7,400.

The teacher student success plan for 2020-2021 was then reviewed.  Due to COVID, math scores dipped more than normal across the school in terms of benchmark goals.  Reading was pretty steady.

The group discussed if the funds could be used to acknowledge and honor the interventionists. The Land trust funds cannot be used for this purpose, though J. Nalwalker did let the group know that he does acknowledge them in other ways and the group discussed how he is regularly talking to them and is genuinely concerned about understanding how they are doing, especially in this COVID environment.

The SCC group is very active in discussing  ideas to make sure that the aids that are hired on, are shown that they are valued. The retention is important to the SCC so the students have consistency.   The council and school want the aids to know that their work is meaningful.


Winter Data Review-J. Nalwalker

In the last trimester change, some of the kids that moved from home learning to school learning changed the teacher scores, but was not reflective of the teacher and their teaching style or scores.

The group reviewed the WInter Review of scores.  Kindergarten is pretty constant and not as much affected by COVID.  They are on track to make their goals

The dips in the middle of the year, for winter, is typical, regardless of COVID and the scores do typically catch up

Last year 75% the 1st graders were at benchmark reading, this year, only 62%.  They did not have the acceleration this year as is typical.

2nd grade did not have that much of a dip from last year at benchmark

3rd grade for benchmark is on track and there is no concern there.

4th and 5th grade are measured differently than the K through 3rd grade.    The reading inventory for the 4th and 5th grade, they are only measured on where they are supposed to be at the end of the year, where the K through 3rd is measured at intervals.

Right now the 4th grade has already met the benchmark goal.  The 5th grade has not  yet met the goal, but are on track and there are no concerns.

For Math, the Kindergarten group moved up as expected.  This is typical of kindergarten, they are on track and there are no concerns.

For Math, for 1st grade, there is a large difference of where they would normally be by the winter composite score.

For Math, for 2nd grade, there is a drop in the numbers on where they would be normally at this time. There is some work to be done there to bring up the numbers.

For Math, for 3rd grade, they have increased their scores from last winter.

For Math, the concern now is ensuring that we can find a way to work with the kids to get their scores back up to make sure they are ready for 3rd grade.   J. Nalwalker is confident that he can find a way to make sure the scores are up and the kids are ready for the next years math.

The teachers said that the 3rd graders are doing a lot of review on subtraction and re-grouping and it’s obvious in seeing what the kids need help with that everyone missed a spring session of math last year due to COVID.   Also, the kids get nervous on the testing and the teachers are trying to acknowledge that with the kids and find other ways to help them through that nervousness to make sure the scores are reflected accurately.   The teachers have found that by sharing stories, this helps in the learning.

  1. York asked if the data is being compared against the other schools and the districts to see if Butler is behind. J. Nalwalker said not yet, but we definitely plan to look at that data across the district and across other schools.


Other business-L. Carter


No other business, the next meeting is Feb 10

Motion to adjourn

Motion passes, all approved, none denied




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