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Faculty Changes for 2018-2019

It is time to make you all aware of changes to our faculty for next year.  First, please join me in congratulating Casandra Mackris on her retirement after 38 years of touching the hearts and mind of nearly 1000 young people (average of 25 students per year for 38 years). I hope that any of you who have had their lives touched by Ms. Mackris either as students or parents of students will wish her well and thank her for her service.

In addition to Ms. Mackris, we will be saying farewell to kindergarten teachers Angie Jenson and Jane Butters. Mrs. Jenson is leaving education to pursue other goals. I am sure that she plans to fill as much of her free time as possible with her beautiful new granddaughter.  Mrs. Butters will be moving on to Peruvian Park Elementary to continue teaching half-day kindergarten.  We wish both of these wonderful teachers success and happiness in all their future endeavors.

We will also be saying farewell to Mrs. Crocheron who has heroically stepped in this year to fill a last-minute vacancy.  We will miss her too and wish her a happy retirement.  I hope that her fourth attempt will be a success (meaning I hope she has the willpower to say no the next time a desperate principal comes calling for her assistance).

These departures have facilitated the following changes:

The 2nd grade position vacated by Ms. Mackris will be filled by Mrs. Marquez who is excited to try her hand at teaching a new grade.
The two open first grade positions will be filled by Mrs. LaPutka who is moving up from half-time kindergarten and a wonderful transfer teacher from East Midvale Elementary School, Hannah Turpin.  We know they will do a great job joining forces with Mrs. Roper and Mr. Naudot.
Ms. Johnson will remain in kindergarten teaching a full-day session of supplemental kindergarten.  Another talented transfer teacher from East Midvale, Leslie Rodriguez, will replace Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Butters teaching both the morning and afternoon kindergarten sessions.  Finally, we are excited to welcome an enthusiastic, brand-new kindergarten teacher, Emily Moon, to open a second full-day session of supplemental kindergarten.

Week of March 26, 2018


8:30 Bobcat Spotlight


7:30 School Community Council (SCC) Meeting



8:00 Career Day   


Upcoming Events

April 2nd-6th SPRING BREAK --- No School        

April 11th SCC Meeting

April 13th Parents, Paperbacks and Pasteries

April 16th Math-a-thon School Fundraiser Kick-off Assembly

April 16th-27th Math-a-thon School Fundraiser (A Sign-up Genius will be forthcoming to gather volunteers to help correct math quizzes for the Math-a-thon.  Ask your child’s teacher for information about what you can do to help.)
CSD Maturation Presentations GROWING UP: It’s nearly time to have “the talk.” CSD’s informational maturation program for fifth-grade students and their parents starts a bit later this year. Presentations conducted by professional speakers have been scheduled through the months of March and April. All parents are encouraged to attend these free events with their children, and to choose which dates best fit their schedules, so they can continue the discussion in their homes. Flyers will be delivered to schools in time for teachers to share them with families during the February Parent-Teacher Conferences. The aim of the program, which supplants the fifth-grade maturation days that were previously held at each individual school, is to provide consistent, sensitive and approved health instruction districtwide. Below is this year’s schedule. All programs start at 7 p.m.
*Midvale Middle School Tuesday, March 6 — Boys Program  Thursday, March 8 — Girls Program
*Union Middle School Tuesday, March 13 — Girls Program Wednesday, March 14 — Boys Program
Indian Hills Middle (currently located at Crescent View) Tuesday, March 27 — Boys Program Thursday, March 29 — Girls Program
Butler Middle School Wednesday, April 11 — Girls Program Thursday, April 12 — Boys Program

*Interpreters for Spanish-speakers will be available at the presentations at Midvale and Union Middle