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When should you drop off your student in the morning?

These days we all live some form of the crazy, busy, hectic life. There are many time conflicts that we must deal with and rectify every day. We understand that this may lead do a desire to drop students off early before school. I’m sure this is why I have often seen students dropped off at school as much as 45 minutes before the first bell rings. In order to keep kids safe and warm through the winter, we ask that you do not drop off students before 8:05.  Please keep in mind:

  • We do not provide any adult supervision outside before 8:05.
  • Most days, students will not enter the building until the first bell rings at 8:20.
  • When temperatures or precipitation dictates, all students will be brought into the building at no earlier than 8:05.
  • Teacher contract time begins at 7:55. The time before school starts in the morning is set aside for teachers, administration and staff to complete final preparation for the day’s work and other administrative tasks. Only a small portion of the staff has daily supervisory duty. 
  • You may tell your student that it is not too cold and that they will be fine outside for 30-40 extra minutes. Once you are gone it still puts us in a difficult position; feeling guilty that we have to ask them to remain outside. They almost always press their sad faces against the window and beg to be let inside. To tell the truth, we often do let them in because we can see they are cold and underdressed for early morning winter temperatures. However, it is an undue burden that keeps us from completing our daily preparation.

We encourage you to work with relatives, friends and neighbors to find a way to avoid dropping off students before 8:05.  Thank you for your assistance.

Week of December 3, 2018

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