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French Dual Language Immersion School

News 9-9-19

Tardy Wars is still going strong at Butler Elementary. Once again, fewer than 2% of students have been late to school. Resistance has pushed the First Order out of our sector for now. It makes a huge difference when the vast majority of our fighter pilots show up in time for muster.  Here are the winning squadrons for the first challenge:

Veale-1, Naudot-1, Brown-1, Naudot-2, Marquez-2, Hammer-3, Doyle-3, Briggs-4, Demarcq-4, Lightel-4, Roper-4, Ludlum -5, Cope-5, Bauman-5 and Mingl-5

Each of the winning squadrons will celebrate with Spun C12H22O11* Yum!!!

We are shooting for one or fewer tardy students per class during the second challenge.

Thank you for your support. We love our Cottonwood Heights community!

* Spun C12H22O11 = Cotton Candy

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