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October 12, 2022 – Minutes

Butler Elementary School

SCC  Minutes



Parent Members                                           Employee Members

Lori Carter                  _X___                         Vacant                         _____

Tyson Grover              _X___                        Gretchen Givone         _____

Annettte York             _____                          Jeff Nalwalker            __X__

Sherrie Merrell           _X___

January Anderson       _X___

Carrie Welter              _____



The group introduced the new parent member for the SCC, Sherrie Merrell.

The group then introduced themselves, their part of the SCC and introduced their kids.


2021-22 Data Review

Jeff reviewed the data from the goals for end of 2021-22 school year.   The SCC group reviewed the type of data from the three sources (Acadience – 3x a year test; a Reading inventory and RISE).


Prior to reviewing the data, Jeff Nalwalker explained each type of testing that goes into the goals data.


4th and 5th add Science.


The goal was to have 75% proficient on end of year for reading, we are at 66% the year before, and this year we dropped to 61%.  We missed our goal for reading Acadience goal.


Looking at the number of kids we moved from non proficient to proficient was 60%, last year it was only 32%.  We have large goals this year for how to increase this.  The group will discuss that.


Butler is in the 80th percentile the year before on the RISE testing, our goal was on the 85the percentile, but this year we came in at the 62nd percentile.


In math we wanted to move to 80% composite scores, but we only came in at 73% this year.    We did move up three percent.


With Math the move of children from non proficient to proficient was similar to the reading, we have goals to move this up.   A lot of this data is concerning to the SCC and we are going to be working to move this data up and have goals that we will discuss.  We are focusing on data that is within our control, Jeff Nalwalker is working with the teachers to determine what could have caused this and move forward to change what is in our control (e.g. not COVID effects) and move forward to increase the scores.


The is the first year in a long time that the numbers have been this low per SCC member(s), so the group will review the trend and review what could be happening and what could be the causes so we can work as a team to move forward to increase them again.

All kids should grow, as determined within their individual groups.  The main goal is to have all kids grow within their own skill set.  We should be able to move our children from where they are an adequate amount every single year, moving them to catch up, if they are not proficient.


All teachers are working hard and doing well.


The 5th grade has the most impact on scores every year, because they take 4 tests every year compared to the 2 that the rest of the grades take.


Jeff Nalwalker acknowledged that we were on a good path before COVID hit and we will continue to adjust where needed to get back on the same path.


The group discussed math and how it was, we have been progressively moving up.


Jeff Nalwalker compared all of the demographically like schools and butler was in the top part of the list at 62%.  Jeff noted that income is a strong indicator on how well a school can do, but if not available, or even if it is, one of the other important factors is high quality teachers who work well together.  Butler is also strong in this area.


The SCC group discussed what could have caused this, but more so focused on how we could change the scores.  The group acknowledged it could have been COVID, but is more focusing on what we are doing now, and how we can improve.  The teachers in the group acknowledged. and we are continuing to move forward.


Jeff Nalwalker compared butler school to other schools in a list of 20 that are most like Butler.  All schools are around 95%+ “like Butler Elementary” in terms of demographics.  Sorted on English Language Arts Butler Elementary falls to 8th place this year from 4th place last year.   64% proficient though only to 62% proficient.  In Math Butler moved from 5th place in 2021 (67%) to 64% in 2022 to 7th place.   In Science we were 11th place (just below the 50th percentile in 2021) and moved to 6th place in 2022 at 70.6% for 2022.  Science was moved up.


The group acknowledged that the students were not only the ones that went through COVID, it was the teachers also.  That said, the group and Jeff strongly feel that the teachers and their methods are still very effective.   Jeff Nalwalker noted that after a survey with the teachers, they all feel in the “OK” group, with only one thriving.  In previous, pre COVID years, there were more in the Thriving and well group and less in the OK group.  Jeff Nalwalker acknowledges that his job it to continue to help the teachers reach the well and thriving group.  Jeff is meeting with teachers individually to help move them up to the thriving group.


Lori Carter noted that we also need to focus on our teachers as they are able have the strength and training to focus on our children.   The SCC can use funds for our teachers to support them in supporting and teaching our students.


Elect Chair and Co-Chair


The group moved to approve the minutes from last SCC meeting.  The motion to approve the minutes was put forward by Jeff Nalwalker, Tyson Grover moved to second the motion. All in favor, none opposed.  The motion passes.


The group moved to vote in a chair for the SCC group.  The motion to put forth Lori Carter as the Chair was put forth by Tyson Grover.  Jeff Nalwalker then moved to second the motion. All in favor, none opposed.  The motion passes.  Lori Carter was voted in as the new Chair for this year.


The group moved to vote in a -cochair for the SCC group.  The motion to put forth Sherrie Merrel as the Co-Chair was put forth by Jeff Nalwalker.  Tyson Grover then moved to second the motion. All in favor, none opposed.  The motion passes.  Sherrie Merrell was voted in as the new co-chair for this year.



Other business-Lori



Motion to adjourn passed by all members.  Meeting ended at 8:48am



Next Meeting


During the next meeting, the SCC group will need to discuss teacher SEL issues.

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