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November 16, 2022 – Minutes

Butler Elementary School

SCC  Minutes



Parent Members                                           Employee Members

Lori Carter                  _X___                         Aubrey Doyle             __X_

Tyson Grover              _X___                        Gretchen Givone         __X_

Annettte York             _X___                         Jeff Nalwalker            __X__

Sherrie Merrell           _X__

January Anderson       _X__

Carrie Welter              _X__



Approval of minutes from last month.   Motion to approve minutes from October by Givone, Second from T.  Grover.  Update attendance showing C. Welter attended, then minutes were approved by all SCC members.  – Action Complete.


New Employee Member Appointment

  1. Doyle volunteered to be our teacher representative.

The SCC introduced A. Doyle as the new teacher member.  The SCC welcomed Aubrey.   Motion to approve A. Doyle by G. Givone, Seconded by C. Welter.  All in favor.  Motion passes.


School Safety Plan – Jeff

  1. Nalwalker introduced the school safety plan. The SCC started with reviewing what was completed last year. The SCC will review the presentation from Mrs. Lightel  Then they will discuss the number one safety concern at the school.  Last year the concern was online safety with personal internet devices and parking lot safety and security during the school day at the school grounds

Last year SCC also focused on the social emotional needs of students and highlighted the need for that for our students.

The SCC will continue to move forward with the social emotional plan they have until the district makes a decision on a new one.

  1. Nalwalker shared the next year school plan for the SCC to review and provide input. The SCC reviewed the school safety report on the district website.  This is available to anyone.  How to access:  CSD web page → parents and students → School safety report.

Volunteer Policy was reviewed and Canyons is following.   No one is allowed in the building unless they are pre-approved by the district and have had the required background check.

The group reviewed two of the new safety protocols.   1.   Run Hide Fight and 2.  Hold Protocols.   The SCC reviewed the videos.  The teachers will be trained in December.   For elementary school, the teachers make the decision for the run, hide fight.  In Jr High and High School, the students are involved in the decision.

The SCC started with the safe entry review.   Everyone has to have a badge and be identified.

Drills, the SCC reviewed the drills and each month they are to occur.

All drills are the same as they were last year and were reviewed, except the two new ones that are noted above.  Run, Hide and Fight is added to the Lock Down drill and Hold is now in December.  The SCC reviewed the videos for each of those and discussed further following the videos.

  1. Nalwaker reviewed each of the drills and what is involved
  2. Nalwalker noted that if Butler had to leave our building and go to another location, that location is now Butler Middle instead of the church across the street. The district is in the process of making that official.
  3. Nalwalker noted that if any of the emergencies occurred, the district would send out the notifications and communications to the parents.

This plan and information is due for finalization to the district by the 15th of December.  J. Nalwalker had a call for action that if anyone has concerns, questions or issues with the plan, notify J. Nalwalker prior to that deadline.

  1. Nalwalker walked through the Transportation Safety Tips. It was noted that the SCC is representing the safe walking route input from parents.   Though typically once a school is setup, unless major construction occurs, this does not change.

Parking Lot Safety was reviewed.   The SCC  called upon members and other parents to remind them of the importance to follow the parking lot safety and also to remind the SCC members friends and students to ensure the rules are followed so everyone stays safe.

The SCC reviewed and watched the Run, Hide, Fight video.  J. Nalwalker noted again that for elementary school the teachers make the decision, but in upper grades, the students are involved in that decision.

One SCC member noted her concern for a possible reaction in some to fight.  Another member noted that with all the training that is involved, the instinct is to preserve life, not to fight initially.

  1. Nalwalker noted that the run, hide and fight is new due to the thought process that simply hiding was not the best option.

A SCC member requested a definition of what does it mean “remain calm”.  Teach the students the meaning of this, and how to approach it.

  1. Nalwalker reviewed the school safety elements that the SCC needs to fill out and asked for comment from the members.

The SCC watched the video on Internet Safety and reviewed the Community Council Report on Internet Safety.

The SCC discussed watch phones and safety and distraction of the students within the classroom. It was noted that J. Nalwalker would like to remove web enabled devices from the class room, on a phone, while in school.   The SCC discussed bringing up with the teachers, what can be done with devices and the ability to leave them in the backpack.  It was noted that parents are okay with the devices to be in the backpacks if the children are indeed allowed to have them at school.  Teacher representatives recommended to still allow them, as they agree they are acceptable and calming to parents, but should be kept in the backpacks for use not during the school day and teaching.  That will allow the students to stay focused.

The group discussed obtaining feedback from parents and teachers on having a school wide policy regarding smart watches in the classrooms.

ACTION:  J. Nalwalker to create separate surveys for parents and teachers


  1. Nalwalker filled out the School Safety and Digital Safety form online with feedback from the council.

Meeting Closure

Tyson motion to close the meeting, second from Sherrie, motion passed.  Meeting closed.

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